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1 Jan

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Birthday Parties

Dear Bad Dad, Brand New Year, same old problem. My wife is freaking out about our daughter’s fifth birthday party [&hellip

12 Aug

BAD DADITORIAL – Hate Sandwich

On a recent vacation trip with The Missus, The Boy and The Girl, Dear Bad Dad had a revelation: Some [&hellip

19 Jun

BAD DADITORIAL – Barnes & Noble Hates Dads (a/k/a “A Very Special Father’s Day Homily”)

Last weekend, Dear Bad Dad made the mistake of perusing the local Barnes & Noble’s Father’s Day display. And by [&hellip

16 Jun

BAD DADITORIAL – Your Child Is Not Special

At the playground, as I kept an eye on The Girl giving her doll the lastest Medusa hair style (a/k/a [&hellip


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